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Health History Form

Please download your health history form here and complete as much as possible to bring with you to your appointment. This provides an overview of YOU for your treatment. Nothing is too long ago to be relevant.

Health History Form

Craniosacral Therapy

“Craniosacral therapy throws light on the interface, or area of blending, that lies between intervention medicine and self regulation medicine”

The Forward by Elmer Green PhD

Craniosacral Therapy John E Upledger DO FAAO and John D Verdevoogd MFA

The Craniosacral Concept is a potent therapeutic vision grounded upon certain anatomical, physiological and therapeutic observations.  To utilise craniosacral therapy in treatment requires a particular point of view: that of seeing the individual as an integrated totality”

Craniosacral Therapy John E Upledger DO FAAO and John D Verdevoogd MFA


Visceral Manipulation

‘It is Global

All macro- or micro-elements of the human body can be injured by the forces of collision, causing local or general disequilibrium.  A psycho-emotional component must also be considered, which is capable of greatly increasing tissue restrictions or even creating them”

“It involves the tissues

The tissues possess an infallible memory for trauma.  Everything is recoded in them.  Each tissue is the human body is worthy of interest and contributes to a person’s history”

Trauma An Osteopathic Approach, J-P Barral and Alain Croibier


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