At Sarcomere Bodyshop each treatment is tailor made to your specific needs and wants, ensuring the benefits of the entire session are maximised.

Craniosacral and Visceral Manipulation both treat fascia and body deeply to relieve stress holistically – physical, emotional and spiritual.  These treatments work with the body and address the causes for aches and pains and consequently treat the symptoms.

These soft tissue therapies focus on rehabilitation and good function through the whole body.  Holding daily and historic stress patterns in the body tissues can lead to chronic postural conditions, poor function of the internal organs and structures.  Patterns build up in the body as compensations over time and by treating with these modalities better function can be achieved.

By releasing restrictions, including scar tissue and assisting to realign and restore good function the body expends less energy.

Do you find that you respond the same way to situations and this no longer works as well? What worked for you 10 years ago does not mean it is working ok for you now.

Create change in understanding to work for you now.  For example:

  • Do you feel that you repeat the same behaviour?
  • Wonder why you feel you do not get ahead?
  • Why you react to certain people more strongly?


Also available is manual lymphatic drainage and this is used with craniosacral and visceral techniques to enhance lymphatic drainage

If required, referral for diagnosis will be arranged.

Tailor Made Treatment

For a consultation please contact Anne Rogers at Sarcomere Bodyshop.

For your first appointment a health history form is required to provide an overview of You.  This is emailed to you, in most cases, to complete as much as possible and bring to your first appointment.  Initially you will be evaluated physically to determine the body site requiring treatment.  The site does not necessarily match the site of pain, as a restriction can cause pain in another area of the body.  Treatment is light but deep and efficacy should not be underestimated.  The session is not necessarily 60 minutes in length due to the need for the body to start integrating the changes before you leave.

Phone (03) 313 5333

Email sbodyshop@gmail.com

The first treatment includes a health history form and interview and evaluation

Following appointments include evaluation to determine treatment and to build on changes. Improved function and wellbeing at all levels allow for a happy body and mind.

Recently I have started using drawing with a few clients.  This is a craniosacral technique and is wonderful to help a person more deeply understand their Self.  You are welcome to ask about this process and how it can help You.  A first treatment is 90 minutes.