At Sarcomere Bodyshop each treatment is tailor made to your specific needs and wants, ensuring the benefits of the entire session are maximised.

Massage or other therapy can be your choice or suggested by another health professional.

A team effort between you and your therapist achieves the best results. If required, referral for diagnosis will be arranged.

At Sarcomere Bodyshop we provide soft tissue therapies focusing on muscle rehabilitation and good function through the whole body.

Soft tissue therapies soothe the daily and historic stresses on overworked muscles, fascia and organs of the body, which can lead to chronic postural conditions or poor function such as: forward head position, hip rotation, spinal curvatures and headaches.  These are essential tools, helping to release scar tissue and assisting to realign and restore good function to a large degree if, not completely.

Tailor Made Massage

For a consultation please contact Anne Rogers at the Sarcomere Bodyshop.

After discussion; for first treatment the completion of a health history form and short interview, to update on results therapies will be used to compliment and build on changes to bring about improvements in function and wellbeing at all levels for a happy body and mind.

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