For the past five years I have been on an incredible emotional and physical journey with Anne. I struggled with anxiety, stress and not meeting my true potential as a strong and confident young woman. With the amazing work Anne has done and the tools she has taught me I can now face anything the world can throw at me. Anne has been a true blessing in my life and I can honestly say I would not be where I am emotionally and as strong as I have become without her.
J Blockley

Anne is awesome! I met her 9 months ago and she has changed my life. Briefly, in 1996 I had Surgery on my neck and Spine, a fairly rare operation at that time, and it took me nearly 7 years to improve. The nerves had been damaged and no one could give me relief of the tingling and numbness I was experiencing. The last 5 years have been a blur, constant daily headaches which made me think I would have to stop working. Then I met Anne.
I was sceptic going to the first session – how could anyone help me after all these years? Anne had a brief history of my health issues but she was telling me other issues that I knew about but hadn’t told her. I went home feeling headache free and as if a heavy weight had been lifted. I see Anne on a regular basis still and am now off Painkillers. Anyone who has aches and pains should see her, she is always professional and oh so positive.


“My story begins back on the 6 th  October 1999, I was travelling back home from my local town only 7 km away on a back country road when I woke up with fire and ambulance crews looking after me.  I am not sure what caused the accident at 4.03pm that day but know my life changed forever.

From what I was told a car hit me side on travelling around 60 KMPH I was travelling around 55KMPH.  I was thrown out of the car still in my car seat and ended up being impaled on the door post of my car with both my legs splayed underneath me.  I was lucky to live near an US air base and first on the scene was a surgeon.

I ended up in hospital for a month I had lost all my front teeth, fractured my jaw, had a blow to the back of my head with a 4 cm cut, I dislocated both my hips, had a 10 cm deep cut to my right upper arm and a 7 cm deep cut to my left knee.  I had multiple bruises and swelling across my torso from the impact and seatbelt. And where I had been impaled a 2 cm wide by approx 3cm deep hole in my back (which was missed for 4 days and caused a bit of a mess when they had to try and clean it up and stitch it)

I could not use my right arm for nearly 8 weeks and once I could use this I was not allowed to pick anything heavy up, which is difficult when you have a 1 year old.  I went to rehab to help me walk again for nearly two years.

I have been taking pain killers for the last 18 years daily as I had constant pain, I was told no amount of therapy would change this and by the time I was 50 I would probably need some sort of walking aid.  I used to hill walk and after the accident I could not walk very far without being in pain maybe a 5 – 10 minute walk would wipe me out.

I had accepted this as the norm for me for the rest of my life until October 2016 when via work I was introduced to Anne and CranioSacral.

Now to be honest when I was first told about Anne I was a little sceptical and even more so  when she put her finger in my ear!!! But after a 5 minute session she had cured me of my stress headache which I had had for a few days.  At the second 5 minute session she told me about some points on my body (hips, arm, knee) that related to my accident I had not disclosed this to her, so I thought what the hell let’s have a home session can’t hurt to try.

The first session was really hard going within seconds of Anne starting the CranioSacral I had intense heat from my right leg I had just over an hour session with Anne and I left there feeling tired but lighter.  I don’t know really how to explain it. I went home and had the best night sleep I had had in years, when I woke in the morning I didn’t reach for my pain killers like I normally did as I had no pain,  I cried as I could not believe I had no pain!  I took my pain killers to work as I  had a 10 minute walk to my office and normally this would kill my hips and back, but I went a whole day without pain killers and in fact I have not had to take another pain killer since my first session with Anne.  I had a few more session with Anne after this and now I am just on top up mode so as and when I feel I need a top up session.

CranioSacral doesn’t just heal your body, it heals your mind too I had so much locked away in my head that I didn’t know I had and slowly Anne helped me release this and let this go.

I cannot recommend Anne highly enough she has changed my life, I am so grateful for meeting her.  I have more energy, no pain, and more self-love for myself and a better understanding of my body. My life has improved 100% I am happier than I have ever been and now walk 3 km a day and improving! If I could give one person hope that life can be better and pain free this would be it.”

Kelly E,  29 May 2017

“I went to see Anne for chronic neck and back pain that I could never really shake, even after having tried a variety of chiropractors, osteopaths, craniosacral specialists and massage therapists. Anne’s unique approach was exactly what I needed, and I was feeling results after only two sessions! I have now been going to see Anne on a semi-regular basis for about 8 years, and I only need “top up” sessions now every 6 months or so, primarily as a result of stress in my life. I have moved away from Canterbury now, and greatly miss her! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an alternative way of overcoming their chronic aches and pain!”


“You do awesome work”


“After having a few injuries over the past few years, my body had adapted to living with these and it was the norm to have aches and pains. One of these was a head injury, although I had fully recovered I was left with a feeling of never quite being 100%. I always felt a bit drained and sometimes I felt washed out. I had seen a few different pyhsios and chiropractors for this but nothing seemed to change until I meet Anne. Anne was incredible, I had never had any treatment like this before. Anne was extremely professional and made me comfortable straight away. The results speak for themselves and after a few sessions I had my energy back and the aches and pains had faded away. I was back to my old self.”

Thanks Tarryn

“I have been going to Sarcomere Bodyshop for some time now with aches and pains in my neck and back. I have received many tailor made massages all of which I have been immensely satisfied with. However, I have (of late) found the lymphatic drainage technique to be very beneficial in relieving my aches and pains, relaxing my mind and body and for my overall general well-being.”

Renee Dooley

“I came to see Anne early in 2012 looking for help with a back injury that was preventing me from making progress towards my New Year goal of running the City 2 Surf. This was a big ask for someone in their 40’s who was less than athletic and had loathed running. Anne quickly sorted my back problems and then moved on to supporting my body to cope with my training.

This included massage, Cranio Sacral work and lymphatic drainage. My first running goal was achieved easily with her support and I have gone on to add a duathalon into the mix as well plenty of regular fun runs. I will complete my first half marathon in two weeks, all things I never thought I was capable of. I am very sure I would have not made it to my first goal without her expert support, advice and maintenance of a body being asked to do things it had never done before. I have found Anne to be very knowledgeable, approachable, professional and friendly in all respects and do not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.”

Claire Aldhamland

“I have been a client of Anne Rogers for approx 3 years I am an active person with a few old sporting injuries Anne has helped to maintain these injuries from getting any worse. Anne has played a large part in assisting me to a second placing in this year’s coast to coast many thanks Anne for all your good work.”

Ian Vernel

“I have been a client of Anne Rogers for 4 years, I am a sales rep and do a lot of driving and lifting I always come away from a session with Anne refreshed and pain free. I do not hesitate in referring people to Anne many thanks Anne for all your good work.”

Sharon Vernel

“Anne is amazing at figuring out why I am sore and working to fix it. In our office we call her miracle worker. Thanks!”

Aimee GB

“My back went into a big scary spasm this week when I was on holiday in New Zealand. I have never before had a a bad back and I went from being an able bodied 56 year old woman to full immobility overnight. A combination of stress leading to my long haul flight to NZ from the UK, some ill advised ‘ planking’ exercise and lots of sight seeing seated in a car, led to a crisis whereby I could not walk. It was hugely scary and there was no way I could have managed the long haul flight back to the UK 3 days later. I could not even walk unaided to the toilet!

Despite being on holiday, Anne saw me within 3 hours. I could barely walk into her home unaided even with a big dose of pain killers. I still don’t really understand why it worked but an hour later I walked gingerly unaided from her home having had cranial sacral therapy (CST). Think of the quality of the walking’ Anne advised and between then and my final follow up appointment the next day I did just that. Slow gentle walking in dribs and drabs.

Another hour of CST followed in which Anne released a massive hard ball of energy from within. It works; don’t mock it; I don’t know why. I walked comfortably from her home. I felt taller and quite humbled. Also massively relieved. Two days later I flew back to the UK and only used 4 ibrufopen for back up. The trip took 40 hours door to door with unexpected delays. No problem.

A week ago if I had looked at CST I would probably have scoffed. I will be looking for another CST therapist near to home as unfortunately Anne does not cover greater London 12000 miles from Rangiora. I will use CST as another occasional tool in my kit.

Anne was calm, kind, reassuring and empathetic as well as making my back better. I will never forget her.”

Sara G, 30 December 2015